Food on a Stick

As I type, Brian is heading north to the Twin Cities for the Minnesota State Fair. While his primary responsibility is to execute the assignment Department Zero and Toyota sent him up there to do, his–and his traveling companion, Kyle’s–primary off-duty objective is to sample every one of the 59–yes, that’s right, 59–fair food offerings on a stick, supposedly the largest food-on-a-stick menu at any state fair in this great nation. Cue the anthem.

For the next seven to ten days, these two brave souls will selflessly sacrifice their waistlines and arteries to bring us the details of such novel offerings as spaghetti-on-a-stick, fried-alligator-on-a-stick, hotdish-on-a-stick, deep-fried-candy-bars-on-a-stick, and Pig Lickers (chocolate-covered-bacon-on-a-stick), along with the more traditional corn dogs,  cotton candy, and frozen confections that, as it happens, also come on a stick. I’m so proud. My job is to chronicle the entire gastric extravaganza for you in all its crunchy, gooey, burbly, acidic detail (Brian has promised pictures).

So, if you have the stomach, please join us for the fun. Tom, who never fails to put his snappy-ass spin on any new adventure, got into the spirit of the thing by serving Brian an egg sandwich on a stick this morning before his o’dark thirty departure.

Grab your Tums. It promises to be quite the ride.

4 responses to “Food on a Stick”

  1. I can’t wait! This is going to be a hoot. I just hope they took some tums or pepto or something like that with them. Oh, and stretchy pants. :):):)

    • All I’m saying is I wouldn’t want to be in any enclosed space with either of them for a good two weeks following their return to KC. ‘Nuff said.

  2. Another great Woltkamp Culinary Tour! Will there be Sticky-Date-Pudding-on-a-Stick? I hop the State of Minnesota will be funding this exercise! MM

    • If they have Sticky-Date-Pudding-on-a-Stick, I’m heading north! As for funding, I have no idea, but I would venture to say that’s the least of their worries!

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