I Really Shouldn’t Complain…

Seriously. I shouldn’t complain about having to come home from Mexico. Granted, I had to leave this…

Moon Palace - Cancun, Mexico
Around the pool in the evening – Moon Palace Sunrise, Riviera Maya
Moon Palace - Cancun, Mexico
The pool – Moon Palace Grand, Riviera Maya
Moon Palace - Cancun, Mexico
One of eight infinity pools at Moon Palace Grand
Moon Palace - Cancun, Mexico
The view from our balcony
Moon Palace - Cancun, Mexico
The view from the sushi bar
Moon Palace - Cancun, Mexico
Sunrise over Moon Palace Grand

But I got to come home to this…

Spring in Kansas City
Tulips along Shawnee Mission Parkway
Spring in Kansas City
The Aristocrat Pear off our back porch
Spring in Kansas City
The neighbor's redbud
Spring in Kansas City
Buds on our flowering crabapple
Spring in Kansas City
Another flowering crabapple framed by our Aristocrat Pear

So you see, it’s really ridiculous for me to complain. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this gorgeous spring for anything! I hope your spring, wherever you are, is just as beautiful…maybe less pollen soaked than we are here at the moment…but still showy and colorful and glorious. Oh, dang it, hold on…AhhhhhhCHOOOO! Whew! Sigh.

3 responses to “I Really Shouldn’t Complain…”

  1. This wonderful spring is *more* than worth suffering some allergic misery. Thanks for the beautiful photos!

  2. Mary, we were in the Mayan Riveria in February, so I GET what you are feeling. When I am home, if I had to sit for hours and stare at my walls, I would go mad. Yet I can sit on that beach for hours and hours staring at the water and be wildly content. It’s such a divine place to visit.

    You are a beautiful writer – it’s so nice to get a glimpse into your life this way.

    And of all things, I just turned around and looked out my window. It is April 23rd and it is SNOWING. Please, take me back to Mexico!

    • I’m really enjoying your blog, as well, including the post you recently added about finishing your basement. Tom and I have been discussing the long list of home improvement projects we’d like to undertake, but it feels so overwhelming at this point, it’s hard to even find a starting point. It’s nice to know I have someone to commiserate with when (and if) we ever manage to move off dead center. And I’m sorry to hear about the snow. Really. Ackkkk!

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