It’s a White Christmas

The weather wonks were right! I give them so much grief, I thought it only fair to acknowledge when they are, in fact, correct. We woke up to snow this morning. It’s hard to tell exactly how much because it’s blowing and drifting like crazy, but we have a pile on the deck that’s probably at least 18 inches deep. It really is a white Christmas!

Snow pile on the deck
Snowy Christmas decorations
Merry White Christmas!

For the moment, our plans to go to Tom’s folks are on hold. The highway patrol in both Kansas and Missouri are asking people not to get out and drive unless they have to, so we’re not…at least this morning.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

2 responses to “It’s a White Christmas”

  1. Great photos – I miss you guys, but not the snow and cold. Spring will come and the grass will turn green again.

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