Don’t Grow Up…Yet

I suspect that, like me, most moms spend half their time worrying that their children will never grow up and the other half wringing their hands that their babies are, in fact, doing just that. Well, at this point in life, I find myself with two grown-up, responsible adult children along with an equally grown-up, responsible son-in-law. Happily, I can also report that even though they’re perfectly able to take care of themselves, they haven’t grown up…completely. Amazing how many different ways you can use a napkin ring.

At the risk of being pelted by a barrage of “ah, moms,” I’m providing the proof right here. As I told you in my About Me page, they’re pips!

My gorgeous daughter, Carey
My adorable son-in-law, Austin
The one and only…my son, Brian

As for Teddy, he was just hovering nearby in case a piece of steak happened to hit the floor.

Teddy waiting patiently for his serving of steak
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4 responses to “Don’t Grow Up…Yet”

  1. The photos remind me of a serie of pix taken just over a year ago when we (including the aforepictured knuckleheads) were celebrating (yeah!) my 65th. There are pictures of each one with a napkin hat — a little knot tied in each corner. Remember that, Mary? But hey, guess what! I have some relevant news to add to your lovely post: After saying all my life that “I want to be a writer when I grow up,” at last I are one!! so I guess at the age of 66, I have finally grown up. I’m finding it much more enjoyable growing up than just growing old. The neat thing is, I don’t even have to stop being a kid!

    Lots of love. Congrats on you lovely new blog. MM

  2. I was thinking the about the exact same evening when I was both taking the pictures and writing about them. I need to dig those photos out. Continue the humiliation. Oh, I’m going to pay for it, though.

  3. Mary there is a lot of your Mom and Grandmother Carey in your genes and so you can be assured that this all comes quite naturally. Both of those gals loved a fun time so no excuses needed. You and Tom didn’t acquire these 3 young adults by accident? They have had a lot of example set and guidance in preparing them for this time in their lives. Please don’t ever change!

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