Further Hawaiian Adventures – Pearl Harbor

From the beginning, Pearl Harbor was at the top of Ruth’s list of sites to visit in Hawaii. For good reason. She knew three of the young men who died on the USS Arizona the morning of December 7, 1941. Nothing–including her fear of water–was going to deter her from visiting the memorial and paying her respects. The somber atmosphere is palpable from the moment you pull into the parking lot.

Entering the Memorial Visitor Center

The launch over to the Memorial
The Memorial out in the harbor
The Memorial perched over the sunken Arizona
The entrance to the Memorial

The ambiance surrounding the Memorial is one of silent respect.

Inside the Memorial

Thanks to the leis that Janie and Darrell treated us to upon our arrival in Honolulu, we had gorgeous flowers with which to honor the three brave Kansas farm boys who perished along with more than 1,100 other servicemen and civilians.

De-stringing our leis
Petals floating above the submerged ship

The list of men killed that morning covers one end of the memorial. You cannot helped but be overwhelmed by the loss the wall represents. As the mother of a much-adored young adult son, the mother-in-law of the perfect son-in-law, and the aunt of six lovable young adult nephews–one of whom is a navy veteran–I could hardly breathe.

The wall of names

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