Teddy's Tenets

Now that Teddy has been living here for more than two months, I believe we have a clearer understanding of one another. At least I feel safe saying I understand him better. It’s not that hard. He’s a pretty straightforward little guy. No pretenses. No wavering. He let’s you know how he feels about something and then has no more to say on the subject. After all, that’s the way it is. End of story.

Teddy’s Tenets:

  • Salmon and rice will not be tolerated in any form–canned or kibble–under any circumstances. Amen. Pass the lamb.
  • Bodily functions can never be performed in the presence of any of the following: damp grass, wet cement or flagstone, drizzle, rain, thunder, lightning, or lightning bugs. Ever.
  • And while we’re on that topic, privacy is preferred during any and all nature calls. Decorous human beings will avert their gaze while bodily functions are being executed.
  • No tree, bush, flower, tomato plant, asparagus fern, strawberry patch, fence, or wood pile is sacred. Have a  pooper scooper and a plastic bag on your person at all times.
  • Glorious daytime weather must be savored with long periods of rolling in the grass, sneezing, and sleeping in the shade. Any attempt to force other behaviors during such times will be considered sacrilegious and ignored accordingly.
  • During thunderstorms–or any time lightning is within a 20-mile radius–a human being’s presence is required. Preferably mom’s. Snuggling welcome.
  • Snoring and farting are part of the package. Deal with it.
  • Belly-rubs, ear-scratches, and hugs are actively encouraged and always accepted.
  • Attempts at playing chase, catch, or Gotcha! will be met with a blank stare. A good brushing is preferred.
  • Walkers and bicyclists passing on the street out front must be acknowledged with a half-hearted woof. People in the backyard must submit to a full-blown bark or barks. All other vocal emanations are discretionary and meted out accordingly.
  • Ear cleaning and trips to the groomer will be tolerated only if extravagant displays of affection are provided afterwards.
  • Goofy neckerchiefs will be grudgingly tolerated for short periods of time.
  • Failure to extend invitations for all car and/or truck outings will result in The Very-Sad-Dog-Eyes Treatment and other guilt-inducing behaviors, as required. Consider yourself warned.
  • All humans, dogs, and cats must be welcomed as friends. Or ignored.

Like I said, straightforward. He’s a pip.




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3 responses to “Teddy's Tenets”

  1. Mary, It is very apparent that Teddy has you wrapped around his paw. That is not bad just a fact. I enjoyed meeting him and we seemed to get on quite well. Give him a scratch on the head from Pamps.

  2. I’ve enjoyed your writing, as much as I’ve had time for this evening–wish I had hours and hours. You’re so gifted!
    That Teddy is absolutely precious, and his pictures are so expressive.
    It’s so long since I’ve talked with you–was is at MU? Memory fails. Did you end up in Australia following your writing career? Or was it totally your husband’s? Such an interesting life you’ve had, and how wonderfully you describe it. Loved your foto with the glass of wine–it portrays your energy and gusto for life.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Nancy. Teddy certainly provides fodder for my writing, and he’s good company…especially when he’s not snoring. But I think you have my life tangled up with my aunt’s, the Meandering Matriarch, who does live in Australia. Her blog is linked to both of mine, this one and P.S. Wish You Were Here. We have blogged together while traveling and hope to do it again soon. Meantime, please continue to visit our blogs and send us your comments. We both love to hear from our readers.

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