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When I set up this blog back in April, I wrote on my About Me page that I was doing the blog because I found myself “at a professional crossroads, needing/wanting to write every day, and hoping [the venue would provide] both the motivation and the personal gratification [necessary] to keep me in my chair typing away.” And to an extent, I suppose, it has. I certainly enjoy writing for the blog, and I most definitely enjoy getting feedback from those of you who are reading it. But I had really hoped I would be a bit more dedicated to the whole endeavor than I have been and had expected I would post on a much more regular basis than I have up to now.

The truth is I’ve allowed myself to be easily distracted by anything and everything: laundry, errands, naps, housework, golf outings, emails, lunch with friends…did I mention naps? Very unsatisfactory and very unsatisfying. Guilt producing even. So, with the encouragement and advice of friends–old and new (you know who you are)–I’m approaching the whole exercise a bit differently. Instead of schlepping down to my office at any ol’ time of the day with bed-head, no make-up, and in whatever grubby garment was lying on the bottom of the closet, I’m getting up, showering, putting on my make believe, doing my hair, and making sure my rear end is in my office chair by 9 am every morning–Monday through Thursday–and staying in my chair until 3 pm. Really. Please note, I will still be going to lunch with friends (you really didn’t think I was going to give that up, did you?), but the rest of the distractions will have to wait until I’m “off work.” Really.

Besides continuing to post to Mary’d With Children, I will be writing posts for a new blog I’ve created called P.S. Wish You Were Here. The new blog is dedicated entirely to my travel adventures–past, present, and future–giving me an opportunity to marry two of my greatest passions: travel and writing. Between now and early November, I’ll take you along with me to the southernmost tip of Texas, the Colorado Rockies, Hawaii, and many locales right here in my own Kansas City backyard. I hope you will join me. I also hope you will tell your friends about my blogs. One of my goals is to dramatically increase my readership in the coming months. And please, share your comments with me along the way: what you enjoy reading about, what you’d rather not read about, where you’d like for me to explore and report back to you about… With any luck at all, someday I’ll grow up to be a professional (translated: paid) travel writer. We’ve all got to dream.

For the eight years prior to January 1, 2009, I earned my living as a technical writer. For most of that time, I enjoyed working for wonderful clients on challenging projects, but as the years passed, the actual content I was required to produce grew ever more repetitive, so repetitive it could have written itself if it hadn’t already bored itself into a stupor. I couldn’t do it any more. I declined new projects, shut down my business, and enrolled in a creative nonfiction writing class at the University of Kansas. Along the way, I discovered that I wasn’t burned out on writing after all. I was just burned out on technical writing. Whew! What a relief! I couldn’t imagine not writing. Now my problem is, even though I was good at making a living as a technical writer, I have no earthly idea how to make any money writing the fun stuff…the stuff I’m interested in…the stuff that makes me laugh, or cry, or learn something new. So, while I’m figuring out what my next career might be (and there have been many careers over the years, but that’s another post), I thought it would be a good idea to put myself in a situation that requires a bit of discipline, a situation that provides some motivation to put my backside in a chair every day and tap on the keyboard constructively, a situation in which I might possibly rub elbows with other writers. I hope this is it.

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