Month: June 2009

  • Circus Tricks and Other Home Improvement Projects

    Disclaimer: Names in this posting have been changed to protect the innocent. And the guilty. You know who you are. Last Saturday promised to be another scorcher, so Tom got up and headed out to run at 7 a.m. instead of his usual 8 a.m. As I’ve mentioned before, Teddy is not a morning dog; […]

  • New Rules

    We are in the sixth or seventh day of heat advisories here in the Land of Oz. Not an entirely novel state of affairs; although, we usually don’t get these extreme temperatures this early in the summer. No matter. It is what it is. Every time I hear myself moaning about the miserable heat and humidity, […]

  • It Was a Busy Day of Nap-Taking

    As I write, Teddy is curled at my feet, snoring and farting. Mostly snoring. He’s been doing that all day long. Clearly, he’s going to fit right into this family. His extensive exploration of the house and visit to the vet yesterday must have worn him out. Plus, I must confess, he stayed up late with me last […]

  • Meet Teddy

    Last Thursday, Carey’s sister-in-law, Jenny, sent her an email about a dog that needed a home. Bless her pointy little head, Carey promptly forwarded the email to me. Let it be known, I was actually being a good do-bee for a change, sitting at my desk writing, when the email came in. The subject line of […]

  • Playing Golf: Where's the Hole?

    I finally got to play with my Monday night golf league. About time. The league started back at the beginning of April, but between rain-outs, having company, being out of town, and life in general, I haven’t managed to get out there, that is until this Monday. The upside of Monday evening was I got to meet some of […]